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Bowen Therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure & Massage
Bowen Therapy was developed in Australia by Tom Bowen. It is a technique designed to work on the facia of the horse, encouraging the tissue to rehydrate and the injured area to return to a healthy state. Bowen Therapy involves movement of the facia, muscles, tendons and ligaments over the entire horse, concentrating on the areas of pain and damaged tissue. Bowen therapy is performed over the acupuncture meridians as well as on other parts of the horses body. Acupressure treatments connecting acupuncture points over the injured muscles and on the associated acupuncture points can also be helpful in relieving tightness and pain in an injured area. These treatments can be performed manually or via laser therapy. Massage can be a useful follow up on injured areas , a technique used to help prevent scar tissue from forming or to help break up adhesions from injury. It is also a good tool in circulation and general physical and mental health for the horse. Shown above are photos of a 5 yr old gelding receiving Bowen Therapy, Acupressure and Massage.

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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or T.E.N.S is a handheld device that sends an electrical impulse down the nerves to block pain. This can be a useful tool post injury or surgery to reduce pain in the affected area. A low frequency impulse is sent into the nerve causing the muscle to contract. Many horse’s tolerate this treatment well and get good pain relief. The photos below show a gelding receiving treatment from a T.E.N.S machine.


Laser Therapy
Low intensity lasers have been widely used for rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. Laser treatments can be preformed over the acupuncture points associated with the injured area (laser acupuncture) as a non-invasive acupuncture treatment. This negates breaking the skin of the horse and the risks associated with needling. Laser therapy can also be used in a scanning manner over injured and torn or partially torn muscle tissue, or in a pattern around an injured joint. Simply put the laser works on a cellular level to enhance the healing process and in many cases can severely reduce the healing time. Many injuries that receive a series of prompt laser treatments, followed by rest and rehabilitation, result in horses returning to successful racing and competition careers.


Infra-red Heat Tracking
At Equine Edge Rehabilitation we have an Infra-Red thermometer that we use to track heat in a rehabilitating injury. Heat can be used as a indicator of an injury improving or going backwards, and properly monitored can be a useful tool in injury rehabilitation.


Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging locates areas of heat or the absence of heat throughout the horses body and is a useful diagnostic tool. Searching original or secondary injuries. The photo to the right is a thermal image showing the size difference between the two legs, as well as the heat pattern caused by the injury.


EquiVibe Treatment
EquiVibe produces Whole Body Vibration, an innovative treatment that has been successful for animal therapy, health, fitness and prevention of injuries. Significant research has confirmed the positive effects of vibration technology for horses in therapy, competition or training at all levels. Also, for horses in confinement, it is beneficial for them to receive muscle vibration and stimulation for a lack of exercise.
One of the immediate effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is improved circulation of both blood and lymph. Anything that can improve circulation is of significant benefit to the equine athlete, and the total horse population. Increased blood flow improves oxygenation of the tissues, removal of toxins and metabolic waste, and enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, drug free. Designed to increase bone density, reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.


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