Exercise tailored to the rehabilitation of your horse
At Equine Edge Rehabilitation we offer a wide range of settings for your horse to exercise in a way which gives each horse their optimal chance for full recovery. We have a 20m sand Round Yard that is well drained and usable in any weather. Our facilities are set on the boundaries of the beautiful Ewan Maddoc Dam and back on to some 20 Km of shallow sand tracks. Many of these tracks are flat surfaces while others offer hills of various inclinations.
In addition, we have maintained trotting tracks through our 41 acre property at Equine Edge Rehabilitation. Your horse can be lead beside our seasoned lead pony on a regime that is tailored and carefully monitored to facilitate his recovery. At the time when your horse is ready for weight on his back we have experienced riders who will monitor, record, and inform you of your horse’s progress.


We also offer:


– Stemcell and PRP processed and injected
– Swimming facilities
– Neuromotor rehabilitation & proprioceptive re-education
– Walking machine
– Pre-training
– Starting barriers


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