Wendy Bannerot is the owner and operator of Equine Edge Rehabilitation. She lives on site and has over 30 years experience working with horses. In the United States, Wendy worked with horses such as Seeking the Bold, Easy Goer and Personal Ensign in her years before moving to Australia to pursue her career of rehabilitating horses.

Wendy and her team at Equine Edge Rehabilitation & Spelling Complex provide quality treatment for a wide variety of injuries and conditions, including post-operative conditions, open wounds, tendon and ligament injuries and arthritic pains. They specialise in aiding in the recovery of muscle injuries, including rehabilitation and strengthening of the muscle. Equine Edge can also help horses with joint injuries recover and increase the range of movement in the injured joint. Horses can return to pre-injury level of performance.
The facilities available at Equine Edge are designed to offer a complete change from normal stabled training conditions. Horses with injuries requiring stabling are housed in the new stable complex which has large, well ventilated, safe stalls. Large improved pasture paddocks with safety fences, shade shelters and fresh clean water nestle between the picturesque rainforest of the Mooloolah Valley.

For horses whose performance has dropped off, Equine Edge can also offer a mental and physical evaluation. Racehorses that have been left with the team for proprioceptive stretches for rehabilitation and light exercise during a preparation have returned to racing with great success.

As each thoroughbred responds and reacts differently to rehabilitation, Equine Edge offer a wide range of settings for horses to exercise in a way which gives each horse their optimal chance for full recovery. Facilities are set on the boundaries of the beautiful Ewan Maddock Dam and back onto some 20km of shallow sand tracks. Many of these tracks are flat surfaces while other offer hills or various inclinations. Well maintained trotting tracks also run through the 41acre property at Equine Edge Rehabilitations which also includes a 20m Sand Round Yard.

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